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Hey Doc, they said........

April 9, 2010

Institute For Medical Wellness Healthy Living Report

Hey Doc, they said........

One of the more common reasons people come to visit me at my office, starts with, "They said......"

"They said that cholesterol is bad for you"
"They said that you should drink more water"
"They said that butter and saturated fat are bad for you"
"They said that taking cholesterol lowering medications is good for you"
"They said that eating more grains is good for you."
"They said that being out in the sun is bad for you."
"They said that a lowfat diet is healthy for you."
"They said that a lowcarb diet is bad for you."

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on........, as there are so, so many experts in the world today.

But do "They" actually know "you", and can "They" actually give "you" advice?

I think it works better when someone who actually knows you and your medical and health history has a say in what is good and bad for you.

And just who is that someone?

It is actually two someones. And it is the someones who can better lead you to good health, at least a lot better than the "Theys".

The first and most important someone is you, as no one knows you better. But you need some help in getting through the tsunami of health information available today. That is where the second someone comes in.

Can anyone guess who that is?

Below is a recent email testimonial I received.


Hi Dr. Horvitz,

This is Sue.

I want to thank you for suggesting I take Dream Protein. I make a shake every morning for breakfast instead of eating cereal. I lost those 5 pounds and took 2 inches off my waist. It's very filling and satisfying. I also eat an egg or cheese. Maybe once a week I'll have half the cereal I used to eat. My stomach is so much flatter. I now exercise 5 days a week and continue with my dumbells and stomach exercises. I can't believe how easy it was to lose that weight and keep it off. I want to stay this weight and continue to lose inches from my stomach.

Thanks again.



Emails like that are always good for an ego boost, but egos are not my thing.

My thing is to change the way of family healthcare by partnering with my patient's to steer them towards optimal health. A big part of that comes from my Osteopathic education.

As an Osteopathic physician, I am a strong believer that the body can heal itself, if we do not get in its way. If we do need to step in and provide or prescribe a treatment, it is usually because the body is moving in the wrong direction. My job is to steer your body away from danger and back in the proper direction, towards waht I like to say is towards, safety, health and happiness.

This is why the Institute For Medical Wellness is leading the way in South Jersey. The Institute For Medical Wellness, through its many Wellness programs, puts a major emphasis on each individuals unique lifestyle. Using a thorough medical history, along with different testing modalities, we look for weaknesses that affect your health. Then, our first strategy rarely relies on medication. Instead we look for lifestyle and nutritional adjustments, sometimes supplements, as well as other therapeutic modalities to enable a healthier you. Be assured that if a medication is prescribed, then we have exhausted other safer alternatives.

So you can go to a traditional medical practice, and spend more time in the waiting room, than with your doctor.

You can go to a traditional medical practice and get prescribed another blue or red pill.

You can listen to all the "Theys", who do not know you, and continue with the status quo. Or, you can enroll in our Traditional Wellness plan, and truly work on steering your body in a healthier direction, with less reliance on the "Theys", and more confidence in yourself, as you move towards better health.

Some of the many ways the Institute For Medical Wellness differs from other medical practices can be found below.


Institute For Medical Wellness - Yearly Wellness Plans

Our Wellness Plans are growing fast this year. We are adding more individuals, couples and families every month. Our Wellness Plans include a comprehensive yearly wellness exam along with unlimited follow-up evaluations for well or sick care. The emphasis in our wellness plans is on optimal health, not just treating you when you are ill. And so, year to year, their popularity continues to build, as evidenced by a greater than 90% renewal rate.

If you have not looked closely at these plans, more information can be found here, as well as the cost of the plans listed below.

Individuals Ages 6-24: once yearly fee of $399.
Individuals Ages 25 to 29: once yearly fee of $449.

Individuals Ages 30 and up: once yearly fee of $549.

Married couples: once yearly fee of $999.

Family Plan: once yearly fee of $1199.

Monthly payment options are also available


Institute For Medical Wellness Special Offers:

Our supplement of the month continues to be Dream Protein.

Dream Protein is an all natural whey protein powder, available in both vanilla and chocolate. It is very popular when used to help with both weight loss and muscle growth. I have used it on an almost daily basis for the past 6 months, during which time I lost 15-20 pounds, all from my waist. This protein supplement does not work alone, and results will always vary. It is one of the better whey protein supplements on the market that I have used. This is also the protein supplement used in our Healthy Weight Program.

Regular cost is $45.

For the month of April, Dream Protein will be available for $36, a 20% savings.


Healthy Weight Program - Lite Edition

Dream protein is a part of our Healthy Weight Program, and many have had similar to success, like Sue.

This program fits best after your yearly physical, as review of laboratory testing give valuable information about your metabolic profile, which helps to determine your proper program. The main part of your program will be your online Healthy Weight Notes, which we will privately share via a personalized google document. You will use this document to keep a diary of your food intake, as well as anything else pertinent to help you achieve your goals. I will be monitoring your IMW-Healthy Weight Notes, and giving what I hope to be good instruction and comments, as well as other helpful information, including any links to articles that I feel will be helpful to your success.

I will instruct you to weigh yourself on your home scale intermittently, to monitor your progress. At the end of each month, you should come to the office for a weigh-in. If you are doing well, and want to continue, you may renew the plan on a month-to-month basis. I believe that you will learn enough within the first month or two, that two months on the program will probably be sufficient for you to learn how to continue with your healthy weight goals. But if you need more help and guidance, you can continue for a longer period.

The cost for the Institute for Medical Wellness Healthy Weight Program-Lite Edition is, as its name includes, pretty lite at just $99 for the initial month, and $79 a month thereafter. To make this program even more effective, I suggest you combine it with exercise guidance with our affiliated personal trainers. I hope you use the training sessions to further move yourself towards your goals. For just $175 for the initial month, you can get both the Healthy Weight Program-Lite Edition and three one hour personal training sessions.

So no time is better than now to start working towards your healthy weight!


Sorry, almost forgot about the Institute For Medical Wellness Therapeutic Massage:

You can enjoy as little as a one hour massage, or 3, 5, and 10 hour discounted packages are also available.

And if you are enrolled in a Wellness Plan, your first massage is half price!

To schedule a massage please call Julie directly, at 609-504-2783.

To Good Health!

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Board Certified Family Practice
Founder of The Institute For Medical Wellness
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