Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hearts, Fish, Sugars and a back!

April 29, 2010

Hearts, Fish, Sugars and a back!

I just came across a study about coronary calcium scores.


I heard something about that test before.

I think I heard about it here, and I think I included this test as part of the Institute For Medical Wellness Healthy Heart program.

The study indicated that using coronary calcium scores enables a better stratification of risk for heart disease.

I hope you agree with me that it is better to prevent your first heart attack, than to treat you after you have had one.

The coronary calcium score is also available separate from the Healthy Heart program. And if you are already enrolled in a Wellness Plan and have this test performed, we will give you a one year free membership in the Track Your Plaque program, to help you halt or even reverse your risk of heart disease.

If you have any questions about coronary calcium scores or would like to have the test performed, please call our office at 856-231-0590 or email me at

We have all heard recommendations to take fish oils.

But what about other oils used as supplements, as well as in food preparation and cooking.

Well, I could write many, many newsletters on this subject, but I found a web article that beat me to the punch and it can be found here.

While the web article starts by discussing how omega-3 oils, found most commonly in fish oils, are good for the skin, it goes much further and discusses other types of oils and whether they are healthy for you, or just hype.

So I hope this article starts you in thinking that fish oils can be of benefit to your health.

But how much fish oil should I take is the next question?

That was always a tough question to answer, but no longer.

There is now a test, called the Omega-3 Index, that actually measures the amounts of Omega-3 oils in your bodies cells. It compares the healthier Omega 3 levels to the unhealthier Omega 6 levels to give us an Omega-3 index. The higher the index, the lower your risk of a heart event, such as sudden cardiac death. That is why the Omega-3 index is included in our Healthy Heart Program.

And just like the cornary calcium score, I have decided to make this test available outside of the Healthy Heart program. Unfortunately, at this time insurers do not cover this test. Then again, insurers do not like to cover many of the newer preventative tests that we offer. But I will try not to digress.

The Omega-3 index is performed by drawing a tube of blood and sending it out to a reference laboratory. We are able to offer this test for $149. The beauty of this test, and why I feel it is worth the expense, is that it will provide us with actionable lab values which we can use to both modify your dietary and supplement dosages of fish oils, which has been shown to lower your risk of sudden cardiac death.

Changing direction now.....

One of the common misconceptions about sugars, fat and cholesterols is that dietary fat raises your cholesterol and carbohydrates and sugars do not. Unfortunately this statement is a fallacy for the majority of individuals. A recently published article in JAMA, the Journal of The American Medical Association, finally suggested that added sugars in the diet increases TRIGLYCERIDES, raises LDL (BAD CHOLESTEROL), and lowers HDL (GOOD CHOLESTEROL). All of these markers are moving in a direction of increased risk for heart disease.


Does JAMA finally get it, because they are usually pretty far behind the times?

Or could JAMA be helping the government set up a "food police", along the likes of a ban on trans fats, lowering of salt intake, and a California county outlawing give-away toys with McDonald's happy meals. ??

I have my own views on diet, which are probably at present in the minority.

Please focus on the words, "at present". In the not too distant future, these views will be a majority.

My views on diet are based on real life metabolism and human physiology as well as almost two decades of patient results.

What I give is advice.

I do not give ultimatums, nor pass laws.

So what you eat is still your choice. I just hope you let me help you to make the best choice for your health!

So do not forget about our Healthy Weight Program-Lite Edition.

Some of you already know that I have what I consider a "bad back". I never had a bad injury, but my many years of playing tennis during high school and college have worn me down and set me up for occasional bouts of aches and pains. A few weeks ago I "re-tweaked" my back, but in a different location than my norm.

I re-learned a few important lessons from my recent ordeal:

1) No matter how good you think you used to be at a sport when you were younger, do not dive back in at full force when you are older.

2) Hot showers work well for muscle spasms.

3) Therapeutic massage can work wonders. I had 2 therapeutic massages from Julie Fischer, our therapeutic massage guru. I truly believe that is what put me on the road to recovery.

So while pain meds, muscle relaxers, and muscle creams help to mask pain, I know that the addition of massage therapy truly put my body into heal and restore mode.

So my thanks to Julie !!!!

Don't forget that a massage makes a wonderful Mother's Day Gift.

For more information on Julie's services please click here.

And now for an important announcement.

I have added an Announcement page to our website.

This page will include recent and new happenings concerning the Institute For Medical Wellness, including new programs and special offers, which sometimes may be good discounts. So please check out the Announcement page every so often.

When you are not looking at our web page, why not look for our booth at Moorestown Day on Saturday June 5, 2010.

And please wish for good weather, that is, no rain! It is no fun being outside in the rain!!

To Good Health!
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