Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I love ADD/ADHD!!

May 11, 2010

Institute For Medical Wellness Healthy Living Report

Why I love ADD/ADHD!!

I had a long time patient who I shall call Addie, come in for an evaluation this week. Her name for this newsletter has been changed to protect the innocent ; ) Addie and I discussed a "medical condition" known as ADD, ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Now some people believe that ADD is akin to a learning disorder, but my opinion differs. It is my belief that ADD helps many individuals succeed in life. Click here for a link to famous people who have been purported to or admitted to ADD. Click here for a list from Parenting magazine of other celebrities diagnosed with ADD who have used its gifts to succeed in life.

In speaking further with Addie, she has, in fact, succeeded in many areas and suggested I write a book about her ADD addventures. My answer, after almost falling off my chair laughing, was that I can barely get out a newsletter, let alone write a book! So after I picked myself off the floor, and brushed off a smudge on my old ripped jeans, we went back to discussing the many upsides of ADD, as well as some of the downs. During the discussion we continued laughing, and decided that instead of fighting ADD, it was time to embrace the good aspects, and work towards minimizing the bad.

I am not of the belief that you either have ADD or you do not. I am of the belief that everyone has ADD traits, just to different extents. I find that a large majority of ADD individuals are extremely bright and talented. It is when they learn how to utilize the strengths of ADD for their education and career paths, that their full potential is unleashed. I did not write a newsletter to poke fun at those with ADD beyond control, as can be the case, but rather to poke fun at myself and find some humor in the brains we, and I have all been dealt with.

In situations where ADD is preventing success and advancement in life, there are many behavioral and medical options available. But just as in other medical diseases, I first prefer to investigate and try more holistic options, as this can be accomplished without side effects. But as holistic options do not always work, I always try to keep an ace in the hole, so I have a very good relationship with a doctor who specializes in conventional treatments for ADD ; )

Always the optimist, I have found that the best way to minimize the bad feelings that come from ADD is to humble them with humor. So what better example than to share some of my favorite ADD jokes and sayings.

Here goes.........

Q. How many ADDers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. Let's go bicycling!!!
I stopped to think, and forgot to start again!
I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.
As seen on a T-shirt: ADHD- Don't make me get HYPERFOCUSED on you!
I never finish anyth
"You have my DIVIDED attention!"
The other day I was taking out the trash and I saw a crow on the roof of my garage just SCREAAMMMING at me, so I went back in the house and saw the pen I needed to write down that telephone number and, what was the question?

And my all time favorite:

My mother says I have ADD. But I do not believe her. Hey, Look, a chicken.....


There are also some great things about having ADD.

Can meet someone, fall deeply in love, marry, fight, hate, and divorce,
all in about 35 minutes or less.

Can see all of your worldly possessions at one time...because they
are all over the floor.

Make far reaching analogies that no one else understands and write
them off as "Deep Thoughts"

Able to tie seemingly unrelated ideas together.

Honestly believes that anything is possible.

Pro vides jobb sicuritty four riterz of Spehl Chek programms

OK. Now what was I writing about??

Oh yea.....


Interesting Article:

I came across a very interesting and informative blog article that discussed the many benefits of Omega 3 fats, found in fish, while also discussing the downsides of Omega 6 fats, found in many vegetable oils. The article can be found here. The follow-up article can be found here. As I pursue this further, and validate the articles findings, I hope to incorporate a more balanced omega-3 diet into our Healthy Weight Program.

We already offer testing for a balanced omega-3 diet. The Omega-3 index is a part of our Healthy Heart Program, but can also be offered separately for $149.00. The results can and will be used to better individualize your diet and supplement needs.

Speaking of supplements......

Institute For Medical Wellness Supplements of the Month:

My supplements of the month offer for May 2010, includes two supplements that help with decreasing inflammation and maintaining proper gut flora, which may be linked to helping improve our immune systems ability to function properly.

For May 2010,

Vitamin D3- Liquid 2000iu per drop, 900 drops per bottle- regularly $20


Probiotic Pearls- ProFlora Immune- 30 pearls, regularly $20.

Purchase these two supplements together for $30, a 25% savings.


Thank you Addie for the inspiration to write this newsletter.

Now, where did that chicken go????

To Good Health!

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Chocolate and Depression

May 3, 2010

Institute For Medical Wellness Healthy Living Report

First things first.

Did everyone enjoy their peek at summer weather?

I hope it put a smile on everyone's face, especially after our brutal winter.

If it did not, maybe you need a mood enhancer?

How bout some chocolate ?

Chocolate and Depression


I am back to chocolate yet again.

I wrote a previous post about chocolate that can be found here.

The definition of a chocoholic is: a person who loves/is addicted to chocolate.

I really have a taste for chocolate, but I am not convinced that I meet enough criteria to be labeled a "chocoholic".

You see, there are many days that I turn down a Hershey's kiss.

But today is not looking good! And tomorrow is not looking much better ; )

Oh well!!

Now let's look at the study.

First they screened 1018 individuals for depression. Of these, 694 were men, and 314 were women.

First question: How did they get twice as many men as women for a chocolate study???

The study allowed 931 of the 1018 into the study, as these individuals were not presently on any antidepressant medication. These 931 subjects tracked their chocolate consumption as well as being tested for mood using a depression screening scale.

The study results were as follows.

There were three patterns which were grouped according to the depression scales.

The individuals who scored high on the depression scales consumed 55% more chocolate than those not positive for depression.

Even more interesting was that the individuals who scored the highest on the depression scales consumed over twice the amount of chocolate as those who scored not positive for depression.

There was no statistical difference between men and women.

These results can be viewed a few different ways.

1) Since depressed individuals eat more chocolate, maybe the chocolate is causing the depression.

I sure hope this is not the case, as I do not want to give up my chocolate ; )

2) Depressed individuals self medicate by eating chocolate, as chocolate is high in polyphenols which can raise serotonin levels in the brain. The prescription drug Prozac also works by raising brain serotonin levels. Here is a link to more information on why chocolate may help with mood.

I can see the slogan now.

"Feeling down or depressed? Eat a Hershey's Kiss. It's natures Prozac !"

I guess that could be good or bad for Hershey's chocolate sales???

And the third reason,

Drum roll please ...................

3) Some people just enjoy the taste of chocolate!!!

Being in the medical field, my personal theory agrees with both #2 and #3. I am a firm believer that you are what you eat. I also believe that we have subconscious cravings for different foods dependent upon their nutritional value. This is very evident in the diets of pregnant women, but occurs in everyone, just to different degrees. In that vein, here is a link to the top ten scientific reasons why chocolate is the world's perfect food, and why you may also crave chocolate.


Don't tell Jessica, my medical assistant, that I ratted her out, but I think she is a chocoholic !!!!
So if you want to get on her good side, you know, to get that script called in quickly, or to get a copy of your recent test mailed to you, chocolate goes a long way ; )

Institute For Medical Wellness New Offers:

I came across a very interesting blog article. The article discussed how our gut flora, the billions of bacteria that live in our digestive tract, get out of balance. This can occur with natural aging, as well as a result of our lifestyle choices which include diets, stress, and use of prescription medications, among others. I will not go further into this theory here, other than to say that to slow down aging, I agree with the blog author that we need to decrease inflammation in our body. As lifestyle accommodations can take years of trial and error to perfect, I like to focus on supplements that help our bodies immune system to properly control inflammation.


My supplement of the month offer for May 2010, includes two supplements that help with decreasing inflammation and maintaining proper gut flora.

For May 2010,

Vitamin D3- Liquid 2000iu per drop, 900 drops per bottle- regularly $20


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And now for an important announcement.

I have added an Announcement page to our website.

This page will include recent and new happenings concerning the Institute For Medical Wellness, including new programs and special offers, which sometimes may be good discounts. So please check out the Announcement page every so often.
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I hope to see you there, and please wish for good weather, that is, no rain!

It is no fun being outside in the rain!!

To Good Health!
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