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Are you ready for Spring ???

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It's almost spring. And after sitting around more during the cold weather season, we need to make sure we start our springtime exercise wisely. The most common visits to my office in the spring are for overuse athletic injuries. In other words, people overdoing exercise.

To help prevent this common malady. Andy Dick of Optimum Fitness has prepared the following.
As warmer weather approaches, all of us in the Northeast get excited for a return to outdoor activities. Whether this means taking the dog for a walk, or training for a triathlon, it is important to approach this extra exercise sensibly.

First off, if you plan on trying something new, make sure it is something that you will enjoy and that it will help you accomplish your personal goals. You should also be careful not to pick a new activity that could aggravate an old injury. Someone with bad knees should not set out to run a marathon!

If you plan on picking up an old exercise that you know you enjoy, be sure to ease into the activity slowly. Your body is very good at learning your routine. This is why you tend to be very sore after your first workout in a long time, but someone who works out daily is rarely sore. However, your body learns specifics; therefore if you have been keeping active on an elliptical all winter, you need to let your body get used to running outdoors slowly. Otherwise, it could be uncomfortable for the days following your first few runs! Not only do we want to avoid being uncomfortable due to the soreness, but we don’t want to have to skip future workouts because you can’t get up off the couch! Although it doesn’t feel like it now, there will be plenty of nice days to get outside and enjoy the weather, so take it slow to start!

Although I will always preach the importance of a good warm-up, cool-down, and post-exercise stretch, it is especially important on the days you are starting something new.

· Always start off exercise with a 5 minute warm-up. This means that you start off slowly and slowly ramp up to your exercise pace over the warm-up time. This is important to get the heart pumping the right amount of blood to the right muscles. Otherwise, you may feel weak to start and you could be unfairly stressing your heart.
· Always end exercise with a 5 minute cool-down period. Slowly ramp your pace from what you have been exercising at to a moderate walking pace. This will allow your heart to slow down at a natural pace (which avoids blood pooling in your lower extremities due to the heart pumping too fast for your pace) as well as allow your body to rid the bloodstream and muscles of some of the waste products that build up during exercise. These waste products are a main cause of muscle soreness.
· Always stretch at the end of exercise! It is important to note not to stretch at the beginning unless you are loosening up an injured area. Muscles should not be too lax (or loose) before exercising. This can weaken them significantly, sometimes leading to injuries of the tendons, ligaments, or muscles surrounding the area.

Choose something that you enjoy! I cannot stress this enough. If you do not enjoy something, you will not stick with it and you will end up mad at yourself for quitting. Also, if you really can’t enjoy an activity for whatever reason, you will find yourself taking shortcuts to finish. Shortcuts are the easiest way to accidental injury.

Finally, don’t push too hard. Remember, most of us are not training for the Olympics. If you get out there with someone who is faster than you that is OK. Keep your eyes on your specific goals and don’t worry about trying to “win.”''

Andy DickOwner, Optimum Results(609) 304-7598
Good points Andy.

Thanks again!!

So I hope everyone starts thinking of how to get more exercise as the weather warms up. But if anyone is unsure of their ability to exercise, or has a sudden decrease in exercise stamina, trouble with chest discomfort, or shortness of breath, please stop exercising and give my office a call for evaluation.

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