Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Introducing our Healthy Weight Program - Lite Edition

March 17, 2010

Institute For Medical Wellness Healthy Living Report

Introducing our Healthy Weight Program - Lite Edition

Our Traditional Healthy Weight Program has many popular items, including many in-office consultations, as well as a starter package of supplements and protein shakes included. But by popular request, we are now able to offer our Healthy Weight Program, in a sleeker, Lite Edition.

The Lite Program benefits those who are "too busy", and do not have the time to spend on the Traditional Healthy Weight Program, and is also good for individuals who need the guidance, but less hand holding, to meet their healthy weight goal.

This program fits best after your yearly physical, as review of laboratory testing give valuable information about your metabolic profile, which helps to determine your proper program. The main part of your program will be your online Healthy Weight Notes, which we will privately share via a personalized google document. You will use this document to keep a diary of your food intake, as well as anything else pertinent to help you achieve your goals. I will be monitoring your IMW-Healthy Weight Notes, and giving what I hope to be good instruction and comments, as well as other helpful information, including any links to articles that I feel will be helpful to your success.

I will instruct you to weigh yourself on your home scale intermittently, to monitor your progress. At the end of each month, you should come to the office for a weigh-in. If you are doing well, and want to continue, you may renew the plan on a month-to-month basis. I believe that you will learn enough within the first month or two, that two months on the program will probably be sufficient for you to learn how to continue with your healthy weight goals. But if you need more help and guidance, you can continue for a longer period.

The cost for the Institute for Medical Wellness Healthy Weight Program-Lite Edition is, as its name includes, pretty lite at just $99 for the initial month, and $79 a month thereafter. To make this program even more effective, I suggest you combine it with exercise guidance with our affiliated personal trainers. I hope you use the training sessions to further move yourself towards your goals. For just $175 for the initial month, you can get both the Healthy Weight Program-Lite Edition and three one hour personal training sessions, and you will receive 10% off of all Institute for Medical Wellness supplements for the length of your program.

So no time is better than now to start working towards your healthy weight!

Healthcare Reform Update:

Below is an email I sent to Congressman John Adler yesterday concerning the healthcare reform debate.

To Congressman Adler:

I write to encourage you to oppose government-run health care and any legislation which might broaden the federal government's control over my health care, and the healthcare I provide to my patients. The current health care legislation, if passed and signed into law, will result in higher insurance premiums, lost health insurance and lost jobs for the American people which will push us deeper into recession. It will force many individuals, who execute their freedom of choice to not purchase insurance, into buying health insurance that they do not want. Many of these individuals are in their 20's and 30's and can not afford insurance, regardless of any government stipend they may receive.

I hope that you fight against health care legislation that would drive up costs, diminish quality and limit access. As a private solo primary care physician, I know all too well the problems with our healthcare system! I also am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the bill before you will only make it worse. So you have a decision to make. If you side with your political party, instead of with the people who you are sworn to represent, do not expect to be re-elected in November. I am not a politically active person. I am too busy trying to provide quality medical care to my patients. But please know that if you vote for this government takeover of healthcare, not only will I speak up to every patient in my practice, but I will encourage and help every other doctor in my area to speak up as well and elect your opponent in November. Physicians rarely get involved politically, but the healthcare debate that has occurred in Washington D.C. has awoken a sleeping giant. Ask your friends and neighbors who they trust more about healthcare, their doctor or their Congressman. I do not think you would fare to well in that poll!

To have politicians and special interests dictate to me how to best treat my patient's is ludicrous and insulting. If you are ill, would you rather call me, as your physician, or your political party officials and special interests? I hope your answer is you would rather call your physician! If so, then make it happen by voting NO on this reform bill!

I would welcome a response directly from you, and not by way of a form letter. You may call me at my office at 856-231-0590. Better yet, I invite you to come visit my office and see how healthcare is actually delivered in a patient-centered and cost effective manner.

If you want my support in November, and I am a registered Independent, you not only need to vote NO on this reform package, but you need to show some leadership and speak out against this monstrosity of a bill to other members of Congress. Do not fear your Congressional leaders. They can not vote for you. I can, as well as all the patient's in my practice and my community that you are sworn to serve.

So I urge you again, to not only show some backbone and vote NO, but tell the truth about these reforms, that they are bad for individuals, bad for business, and catastrophic for our country.


Dr. Steven Horvitz
128 Bortons Landing Rd
Moorestown, NJ 08057-3011
Phone 856-231-0590


So what do you think?

A: Form letter response
B: Personal Email response
C: Phone call to meet at my office
D: No response
E: Other

To Good Health!

Steven Horvitz, D.O,
Board Certified Family Practice
Founder of The Institute For Medical Wellness
128 Bortons Landing Road, Suite Two
Moorestown, NJ 08057
Phone 856-231-0590
Fax 856-294-0311

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