Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Easy A Caveman Can Do It ???

May 27, 2009

So easy a caveman can do it??

No that is not my college yearbook picture !!! Although I would not mind the hair ; )

It is the popular caveman from the Geico commercials. In the commercials, the caveman acts like a normal everyday 21st century individual, until he sees the Geico slogan, "So easy a caveman can do it". Then he gets annoyed and I don't blame him.

But what does this have to do with your health?

Let me explain.

It is now 2009, and it goes without saying that we are more technologically advanced than our caveman ancestors. We have hospitals, doctors, surgeons and antibiotics. We have nurses, therapists, and a whole host of other healthcare providers, (just look at our Wellness Network), to help treat and cure disease. Our healthcare choices are plentiful. That may change if the federal government passes new healthcare legislation, but let me get back on topic.

So are we healthier than the caveman?

NOPE !!!!

Let me explain.

While we are more technologically advanced than our caveman ancestors, we still share over 99% of their DNA. So in essence, we are not that different, just more civilized? I know, another off-topic conversation.

Our 21st century diet and lifestyle are much different than our ancestors and not necessarily for the better!

Today I will focus on diet.

Our caveman ancestors lived off the earth and were known as hunter-gatherers. They did not go to Wegmans for their produce, Papa Johns for their pizza, or make reservations for dinner. They hunted and gathered for all their food on a daily basis. Their diet is said to have consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds, as well as hunted wild game. They ate fish and foraged for eggs. Their nutritional status was heads and tails above present day man. Their foods contained no preservatives or added hormones. Today's processed foods, while having a long shelf life, easy to read nutritional labels and easy to prepare microwave instructions, has far less nutritional value than fresh food. Less nutrients in today's diet set us up for many Diet Related Diseases or DRD's. I am sure you have heard of the following DRD's:

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol

There are many others but I think I made my point.

Oh well, I am on a roll so I'll make another point!

Did cavemen eat Cheerios? Bagels? Ice Cream? Pepsi? Pizza? ............. NO!

How bout eggs? apples? tomatoes? fish? chicken? .............. YES !!

Pearl of the day:

If you want to improve on, or prevent your Diet Related Diseases,

the solution may be,

"So easy a caveman can do it".

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